The Best Broadway Bernie Sanders Memes from the Inauguration


Theatre Twitter had a little fun “casting” the senator in Company, Falsettos, and Oklahoma!.

When Bernie Sanders showed up to the presidential inauguration in his signature campaign trail parka and mittens ensemble and carrying a stack of mail, fans of the senator took to social to poke a little fun at his Vermont practicality. But it was the shot of him sitting in a folding chair, arms and legs crossed, looking highly uninterested, that really inspired the Theatre Twitter meme-makers. Who hasn’t seen “that guy” in the audience before? (And heaven forbid that it’s during previews! What if he’s a critic…)

Scroll on to see a few of our favorite Broadway-inspired Bernie memes, placing him on stage, in the audience, and…yikes…behind the casting table. Even Broadway’s own Bernie (Bernadette Peters, that is) joined in on the fun.

Have “casting” ideas for Bernie Sanders? Make your own version of the meme with this generator.

Pulling into the station

— Bernadette Peters (@OfficialBPeters) January 22, 2021

Bernie in the Park too

— Bernadette Peters (@OfficialBPeters) January 22, 2021

Bernie! Bernie Baby, Bernie Honey, BooBoo, Bernie Darling! ��#berniesmittens

— COMPANY (@CompanyBway) January 21, 2021

Hello, Bernie, well hello, Bernie….

— bettemidler (@BetteMidler) January 22, 2021

Antarctica? Oh, please.

— John Robert Allman (@Johnny_Allman) January 21, 2021

here’s my contribution to the bernie sitting thing

— karolina (@KarolinaBacher) January 21, 2021

i am asking once again if you are here, spirit.

— Alexis Scheer (@alexisscheer) January 21, 2021

Little known fact, Bernie was in Lysistrata Jones but cut swiftly after one preview

Patti Murin (@PattiMurin) January 22, 2021


THANK YOU THE INTERNET #Bernie #BernieSandersmemes #berniebroadwaymemes

Alexandra Silber (@alsilbs) January 22, 2021

Oh you’ll be singing “Gravity?” Groundbreaking. #BernieSanders #pearlstudios #16barcut

— Nicole Abarca Powell (@MyCouchHasADent) January 20, 2021

People seemed to have such fun with #BernieOnBroadway, so here are a few more for your enjoyment. #BerniesMittens

— Adam J. Thompson (@ajacobthompson) January 21, 2021

I am asking you for a Dixie cup of chili

— maggie (@OfficialMaggieL) January 21, 2021

— Max Grossman (@GrossmanMax) January 20, 2021

Loving you #mittens #BernieSanders #Sondheim #Passion #berniesmittens #Bernie #BernieSandersMittens #Fosca

Melissa Errico (@melissa_errico) January 21, 2021

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