Online after-school clubs from Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre and Children’s University


Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre has teamed up with the Scarborough & North Yorkshire Children’s University to present exciting and entertaining online versions of their popular after-school clubs.

Three sets of four workshops each, covering dance, drama and junk band music, are available from the Scarborough & North Yorkshire Children’s University Vimeo channel and via the SJT’s and the Children’s University’s social media.

Aimed at five-to-11-year-olds, the lively and fun 15-minute workshops will be led by regular tutors Clare Maxwell (dance) and Ernest Acquah (drama and junk band music), and will count towards learning hours in a Children’s University passport.

Cheryl Govan, the SJT’s Associate Director for Children and Young People, says: “These are join-in, fun taster sessions: young people can pick when they want to do them, and do all of them or just one or two if they prefer. They’re lively and a great way to try something new at home and maybe encourage children to have a go in real life when we can.

“The SJT is a learning destination for the Children’s University and we’ve been running after-school clubs with them for several years now. This is a great way to continue them at the moment, and reach even more children.”

Richard Adams, Outreach Officer for the University of Hull, which hosts the Scarborough Children’s University, says: “Watching and taking part in these videos counts towards learning hours in their passports for those participating in Children’s University through local schools, but also for children from any area in the UK where the Children’s University operates.

“They are also available for any individual child whether they are part of a participating school or not.

“This programme forms part of a wider outreach Covid-response for North Yorkshire Coast schools and colleges by the University of Hull, which includes online after-school clubs in a range of subjects alongside progression support throughout secondary and college year groups.”

Find the videos here:

Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school. For more information:

Ernest Acquah works at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Stage and Production Support, working behind the scenes to create props, look after actors and stage manage shows. He also works as a sound designer, composing music and creating sounds for various productions. He has previously run youth theatre groups at the theatre, teaching drama skills and directing plays with young people.

Clare Maxwell is a dance and drama teacher working with the Stephen Joseph Theatre. She work with children of all ages all over Scarborough in schools, after-school clubs, in the theatre, for shows and now on video

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