Leicester Square Theatre (venue)

11 February 2020 (released)

12 February 2020

First introduced to us in 2001 by Jonathan Harvey and the Pet Shop Boys in the ‘Closer to Heaven’ musical, Billie Trix now finds herself centre stage in this outrageous side-splitting one-woman show.

Now older, funnier and just as outrageous, the German born drug-addled Billie Trix indulges us in her turbulent past history; think Piers Morgan’s life stories but without the annoying interviewer. It’s a stunning performance from Frances Barber who inhabits Billie Trix so well that you are sold from the moment she stumbles onto the stage.

Stories of a promiscuous drug-fuelled life lived in the orbit of a multitude of cultural and celebrity icons are celebrated. Andy Warhol was apparently inspired by Billie although he was definitely not a fan of her singing. With a gift of finding herself at the right spot at the right time a chance encounter with Trump also cranks up the comedy.

Jack Daniels, cocaine and endless stories of past conquests make for an entertaining evening and when you add six fantastic Pet Shop Boys tunes, four totally new, it’s a hot ticket. And Trix’s rich, gravelly delivery perfectly complements the music.

‘I am Musik’ she proclaims with a hedonistic glare, there would be few people willing to argue with her.

A cultural icon for a lost generation (that’s us), go see it!

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