Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley Will Present Virtual Version of Their Real Housewives-Inspired This American Wife


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Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley Will Present Virtual Version of Their Real Housewives-Inspired This American Wife

The Circle Jerk and Ratatouille pair debuted the work at New York Theatre Workshop in 2018.

Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley are returning to the world of live internet theatre with their deep dive into the world of reality TV—and America’s obsession with them. This American Wife, first seen at New York Theatre Workshop’s Next Door series in 2018, will stream May 20–June 6.

Presented by FourthWall Theatrical, in association with Fake Friends and Jeremy O. Harris, the latest iteration is a multi-camera, live-streamed, dark comedy investigation into the obsession, idolization, and all-consuming-hunger sparked by the women of The Real Housewives franchise.

Slave Play_Broadway_Opening_Night_2019_HR

Jakeem Dante Powell

Joseph Marzullo/WENN

In addition to the co-conceivers, the production will also feature Jakeem Dante Powell (Slave Play). This American Wife escapes from the real world to play out scenarios, texts, and choreographies from the massively popular and endlessly memed franchise. As the boys travel deeper into the dark walk-in closets of their minds, they are forced into crises of desire, repulsion, identity, and autobiography.

“The life of an obsessive fan of a trash cultural artifact—in a trash time, in a trash country—is a humbling one,” said Breslin and Foley in a joint statement. “Like the greatest autobiography-driven performance artists from Karen Finley to Spalding Gray, the Housewives have trained themselves to expertly blur the boundaries between reality and fiction. Likewise, the historic segregation of The Real Housewives franchise reflects the aspirations and racism of American escapism. As true fans, there’s no way for us to hide from this reality.”

Rory Pelsue directs, with Cat Rodríguez and Ariel Sibert serving as dramaturgs.

Breslin and Foley most recently executive produced and co-wrote the book for Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical, which raised a total of $2 million for The Actors Fund. Their Circle Jerk returned for an encore streaming run in January.

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