Love, Loss & Chianti


Riverside Studios (venue)

28 February 2020 (released)

03 March 2020

Based on poetry by Christopher Reid, Love, Loss & Chianti portrays two distinct, but equally compelling stories about the joy and sadness that comes with being in love. In each poetic story, Robert Bathurst and Rebecca Johnson take on their performances with absolute passion and dedication.

The first poem details the death of Reid’s wife, skipping seamlessly between the grief of her last few days and the happiness of a previous holiday to Crete. A heart-breaking, yet comedic story unravels highlighting Reid’s admiration for his wife along with the loneliness of ultimately being left behind. The second poem shows Bathurst and Johnson playing the reunion of two ex-lovers. This is the mood-lifter of the two plays, using humour to highlight the ways in which one partner has moved on, whilst the other is stuck in the past. Both plays are complemented by perfectly timed projected animations, and whilst the stage is somewhat empty, the presence of Bathurst more than makes up for it.

Reid’s poetry is moving, but the impact and drama of the performances are somewhat limited by the overly pacey, poetic monologues that do not allow for human expression and interaction. However, whilst the play lacks a degree of emotional impact, Reid’s words are beautiful and both Bathurst and Johnson should be commended for their heart-felt performances.

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