Join the Cast or Be an Armchair Detective in Bullets on Broadway February 12


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Join the Cast or Be an Armchair Detective in Bullets on Broadway February 12

It’s lights, camera, murder (!) in this digital theatrical experience.

Are you tired of watching people on screen butcher a role you were born to play? What about all those virtual sleuths who never find the culprit? Try out a digital theatrical experience unlike any other in Broadway Murder Mystery’s Bullets on Broadway, where audiences can choose to be a part of the cast or enjoy the show as an armchair detective.

The next performance of the virtual production, part of Playbill’s Social Selects programming, takes place at 8 PM ET February 12. Click here for tickets.

It’s opening night of Murder in the First on Broadway, and nerves are high. The cast and crew are all abuzz backstage with the excitement of the lights, the sounds—and the dead body of a bigshot Broadway producer. There lies Jack Bialystock, murdered before the curtain could rise.

Was the killer a cast member like Anita Part (who’s making her Broadway debut tonight), or seasoned performer Sienna Stealer? Perhaps it was it the sleazy casting director Colin Back, or a member of the audience like Megan Phan, who somehow ended up backstage.

There’s only one way to find out: play the game! Join your host Brandon Hicks, with a special virtual appearance from Broadway alum Betsy Struxness (Hamilton, Matilda) on a virtual night of murder mystery fun.

Here are your options:

1) Play the Part: show off your acting chops on the Playbill Virtual Stage for everyone in attendance to see. There are (up to) 20 characters available in Bullets on Broadway. Our host will be acting as the casting director for the event, and you’ll be assigned a role to play prior to the event. All roles will be assigned within 48 hours of your ticket purchase and your “scripts” will be sent in advance (no need to prepare!). Prior to showtime, meet the other performers in the virtual green room, receive your virtual backdrops, learn how the game is played, get pointers from the director, then it’s lights, camera, murder!

2) Solve the Crime: participate offstage behind the scene of the crime, while our characters perform the murder mystery. You’ll be tasked with figuring out who the killer is and chat with other detectives throughout the event. At the end, you get to share who you believe the killer is.

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