Bloom Theatre (venue)

19 January 2021 (released)

3 h

Never was there a more appropriate name for this thought provoking play. Like an avalanche it suddenly thunders towards its revelation after a beginning of poetic beauty and stillness. It concerns a life lived and played out on the mountains by its central character.

Simon Fraser with Jack Albert Cook have created a piece that holds much intrigue and is a slow burner. In its first half we see a self-analytical Alex trying to justify his life through his constant training and entry into winter sports. Always trying to reach his peak and please his father. We also get a glimpse into a long term friendship with a competitor Jacob that is both exciting and at times frustrating for Alex, and offers a hint towards feelings that might run deeper. This is all delivered so naturalistically and poetically that you are slowly drawn into Alex and his insecurities. it is so gentle that when the revelation hits, it truly stuns and shocks.

Sonny Poon Tip as Alex is totally believable. His delivery can sometimes be a little quick and quiet so there is a danger you miss occasional lines, but there is no denying how completely he embodies this character.

A monologue lasting 45 minutes could feel a little daunting but this is so engrossing that the time speeds by. This is helped by well considered and constructed direction from Alistair Wilkinson. including the clever use of camera angles and overlay of images to break up the action and add to the feeling of devastation.

The script is beautifully crafted during its closing scenes, which leaves you questioning how you would react in Alex’s position. You feel bruised and full of admiration for the stance that he may be taking as he tries to get his life back on track.

Available on-line till 7th February.

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